I think I discovered Absolutely Fabulous at the right time for me – I was on my own and trying to disconnect from family dysfunction.  The stone-faced Saffron politely telling her mother off became one of my icons of rationality.

Well, why is today such a panic, anyway? It’s only a fashion show, and you’ve had six months to prepare it.[...] Greater feats have been achieved in less time and with less fuss.  — Fashion

Tonight on YouTube I found the original French & Saunders sketch that the show was based on.  Two things in particular caused me to pause and re-play to get written:

Mother: “I think you’d be a lot happier if you shed a few stone.”

Daughter: “No, YOU’d be a lot happier.”

And, again from the daughter:

Mom. Would you please stop swearing? It’s not clever, it’s not funny, and nobody’s in the slightest bit impressed.

….I’m tempted to use that on some coworkers. ;)

2 thoughts on “AbFab

  1. AbFab is on my list of “I should watch that someday” shows.

    Speaking of such lists, the science fiction book convention that I sometimes go to, Boskone, will have Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant (who I mostly know about because of you) as its guest of honor this year. I’d been meaning to check out her books; now there’s sort of a deadline. (And Jane Yolen will be there. She’s a smart lady.)

    I also had a goal of reading all the books I bought at Boskone before the next Boskone. There’s still time!

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